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wip list



i guess i start a lot of fic or whatever but this is a list…all compiled nicely and all that. yeeeeeeeah cool

example section - example description

  • [group] working title - au? and/or description?
  • ✔ - some genderbend
  • ★ - heavy warnings
  • ✖ - not started at all (no actual fic, only planning or thoughts)
  •  - has it’s own blog/posted before/posted somewhere
  • finished and posted somewhere

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i have this post here of 13 sneak peek sentences of a few of these WIPs c:


reblogging and tagging for archiving purposes also so followers can see it? idk if ppl are even interested in seeing what i’m procrastinating on atm???

also added a new symbol

  • ★ - heavy warnings

heavy warnings can include anything violent, heavily sexual, traumatic, triggering, character death, etc. hence the word ‘heavy’ and ofc all of the warnings will be listed out when the fic is completed and posted.

sooooooo yeah